Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New Sewing Machine - MemoryCraft 6500!

I finally upgraded my sewing machine!

Look, look how pretty it is!!! I just love it! and i certainly needed the upgrade; my £40 budget machine just couldn't hack it any more. It served me well but it was time for a change...

It even has a button to lift the needle automatically and cut the thread, which sold it to me instantly! it's saved me soooo much time ... and thread!

oh, and did i mention the amazing stitches it does!? look how many it does :) and alphabets too!

Can't wait to play with it at the weekend! and i've got a new project in the works at the moment with it so i'll keep you posted with some pics :)


  1. Congratulation!!! :-)

    Good decision, this is the machine I am sewing with as well. I love it ... or I LOVE HER, ... she's a very good friend ;-)

    I really love your blog!

    Best wishes


  2. How exciting! I cannot wait to see how the decorative stitches turn out. Lots of fun in the works for you!

  3. I bought this same machine a year ago and I love it! I wish I was sewing more, because it's a dream to use! And I love, love, love the auto threader and cutter. Have fun!

  4. ooh let us know how you get on with it, it looks like an amazing machine! I'm very jealous! x

  5. wow!! that looks like a monster of a machine! im also very jealous

  6. ahh thanks guys :) it sure is a monster machine! ooh nice to hear other people are happy with it too! Yep I'll deinfately share some pics of the stitches it does. thanks! x

  7. Ooooh beautiful machine! I love Janome!

  8. how fun! this looks pretty amazing. which reminds me I really should sew more!

  9. Congrats!!
    Today, shopping for a new sewing machine is easier than ever. Simply, look at the brand and size needed to fit the household and buy accordingly.

    Helene Goldnadel


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