1 November 2015

Glorious Gingham Quilt Finish

There aren't many times I would share a quilt finish with the backing as the first photo, but on this occasion its a necessity! Favourite. Quilt. Backing. Ever. It really makes the quilt. With an all solid pieced top, it could look quite plain and simple, but the backing really makes it all pop! In a big way!  

The front is pretty nice too ;-) The quilt was a project I did for Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine earlier this year, issue #23. I had a major thing for gingham at the time (and still do!) so we collaborated on an idea and I think it turned out quite well. It makes the perfect picnic quilt and I'm excited to test that theory out next summer since I didn't have a single beach day this year, boo! Yep, lots of picnics in the park and summer beach days I'm planning next year. 

It uses simple strip piecing so once you've got your fabrics cut and organised you'll speed through construction. I have quilt kits available at Sew and Quilt, which includes the fabrics for the quilt top only, the pattern (at this time) is only available with LP&Q magazine. I managed to hunt down back issues here, if you're interested in making one. As well, I will be releasing the pattern myself next year once I'm able to do so. I'm planning another version in printed fabrics too. 

The quilting is a little wiggly for my liking, but hey, thats life! I quilted in 'straight' lines with 1/2" spacing on the two end borders and then through the centre of each pieced row, and then again 1/4" either side. I wish now I'd gone with 1/2" all over, but I know for next time now ;-) I carried on the same fabric for the binding for a clean finish. It gives a nice contrast against the white borders on the front too. 

I also made a couple of matching cushions too! There's a peach coloured one to match alongside the yellow below. I'm selling the cushions, so if you're interested in buying them drop me an email :-) 

Always fun to see my name in print! Thank you again LP&Q! The girls over there are the best. Look out for their new sister magazine; Today's Quilter too, its fab! 

Pattern: Glorious Gingham by Jessie Fincham (pattern featured in LP&Q #23)
Quilted: Jessie Fincham
Size: 54" square
Fabric: Kona Solids by Robert Kaufman Fabrics, backing and binding; vintage sheet

I've also FINALLY found a place where I can take full photo's of my quilts outside so I'm extremely happy today! Its the little things eh! ;-) Have a great Sunday! Jessie


  1. Fabulous quilt. I love the backing and the gingham! I look forward to getting the pattern when you can release it. I wish Love Patchwork and Quilting wasn't so pricey in the US.

    1. Thank you Katy! Oh I didn't realise it was more expensive in the US. Ah thats a shame, I'll keep you posted once I release it ;-)

  2. I love, love, love this quilt! Both the front and back! Dawn

  3. What a delightful quilt Jessie! You could always send it to me- here downunder we are at the beginning of what promises to be, a long hot summer! I would ensure it got some loving!

  4. That is a gorgeous backing!!

  5. A great pattern... and the backing fabric is so lovely. We still make use of picnic blankets in winter for when my little one requests an indoors picnic!

  6. I love this quilt! And I agree, that backing is perfect.

  7. Really cute pattern Jessie! Love it!

  8. Really cute pattern Jessie! Love it!

  9. I'D LOVE TO BUY THE PATTERN. TRIED TO ORDER ON YOUR SUGGESTED LOCATION BUT IT WOULDN'T WORK. Can I get on a mailing list when the Pattern comes out? annwashut@gmail.com THANKS!

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  12. I love this quilt so much! Any chance you will be releasing the pattern anytime soon? If not, I'd love to know the colors of Kona you used if you wouldn't mind sharing. They would be perfect for another project I have in mind.

  13. Wow, it looks really nice and cute! I like it very much=) The patterns are super.
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  14. Hey Jessie, can you tell me which Kona white you used?
    I found your pattern on a magazine back issue website, pocketmags.com. It's such a fun, happy quilt! I plan on using heather ross' new line, kinder, for the backing. It's SO cute. Have you seen previews on her instagram?! Eek, can't wait for it to come out.

  15. Hi! I love this quilt! Great job! I'm hoping I can get on this list once it's released- fiegener@gmail.com I would appreciate it greatly.


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