28 September 2012

Exciting News!

Hello friends! I have some VERY exciting news for you today! I've been holding off telling you, and everyone for such a long time because I've been so nervous about it! ha! ... But I'm pleased to finally tell you I'm setting up my own little online fabric store for quilters and crafty people like us! Yippee!!! 

It's called Sew and Quilt, and above is my logo :) the site is currently being set up by a very talented friend and should be lauched next weekend! Eek I'm so nervous! I've been having bolts of fabric delivered the last few weeks so it's been agony trying to keep it all secret, but soon enough you will be able to shop the website yayy! I don't want to tell you in detail the fabric I will be stocking but I'm sure by now you all know my messy jesse aesthetic and can probably guess, otherwise you'll just have to wait ;)

I hope you can check back soon for more updates! xoxo

17 September 2012

Cherry Stitching

I've been working on an exciting new project for my house these last few days! I thought my kitchen shelves need something a little extra, so I've been busy stitching cherries for some shelf edging. I love the look of these kitschy cherries, if you are a follower of my pinterest boards you will know I love all things vintage, especially kitchenware! which is where the inspiration came for this design.
I drew the design freehand, and transfered it to the fabric with an embroidery transfer pen. I'm planning to stitch a scalloped edge for the bottom, maybe with some pretty trim for the top, (unfortunately I don't have enough of that one in the picture - and I have no memory of where I picked it up from. I guess that's my curse for being such a hoarder of crafty goods!).
It's my first experience in embroidery, and I'm enjoying every minute. 10 down so far, 33 to go! Let's see if I'm saying that when I'm done?!
p.s. thank you all so much for your lovely, lovely comments on my previous post. I was so pleased to be featured in a magazine :) sorry I haven't got around to replying to you, I've been in DIY mode again - finally painting our front door! Can't wait to share pics soon! xo

6 September 2012

Love Patchwork Feature!

Hi! I have some fun news to share with you all today :) but first I wanted to share my latest farmers wife quilt blocks. I've been slacking with these the last few weeks, so it's time I caught up! The left one is #17 Cats & Mice which I love, yellow always makes such a bold statement and always makes things look so happy and cheery! and the right one is #89 Steps to the Alter. I think I had a bit of a checkered theme going on when making these!
and in other news ... I have been featured in a UK based bookzine called Love Patchwork. Little ol' me was mentioned in the best patchwork blogs section along with some other amazing bloggers; such as Rita from Red Pepper Quilts, sweet Debbie from Happy little cottage, and the talented Helen Phillips. Thank you to the editors for featuring me! and welcome new followers who have found me through the book. 
It really is a lovely bookzine, if you are able to get hold of a copy. Full of some great patterns by the likes of Cath Kidston, Camille Roskelley and many more. I was particularly taken by the work of Jo Grant, who has made a wonderful quilt using re-purposed teatowels - I will certainly be on the look out for kitschy vintage teatowels now ;)
Hope you're having a great week friends! Jessie, xo