17 July 2012

Vintage Fabric

Hello! Firstly I just wanted to say thank you for all your helpful suggestions on finishing of my pinwheel quilt top. I will check in soon with an update for you ;) But today, I have these pretty vintage fabrics to show! My mum picked them up for me last week at the carboot for a £1 each! I know, amaze! Definately 1960s/70s era, I think some of them would make such cute dresses :)
I got yards and yards of the stuff, all 'brand new' and unused. It was funny looking at the prices, if only fabric was this cheap still! 
   Last month I also picked up some more vintage goodies. I went along to my local auction and managed to win a lot of paper peiced hexagons, (tons!) loads of fabric, and tapestry projects amongst other things. My favourite were the hexies the owner had already started to sew together, I would love to make my own and finish it off someday.

I hope you all had a good weekend. See you later in the week, yeh :) xo

6 July 2012

Dutch Pinwheel Top

I'm really excited to share with you my 'finished' dutch pinwheel quilt top! I'm saying 'finished' because I'm still undecided if I'm going to add another border of some sorts? I'm really stuck, any thoughts on a border idea; simple squares peiced together? a printed border in one colour? Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

It's been such a pleasure peicing this together, the design is nice and simple and because the blocks are so big it hasn't taken too long at all! I'm looking forward to getting this one finished, just got to narrow down the binding and backing fabric choices now, hmmm...
Have a lovely, crafty weekend! Jessie xo 

2 July 2012

Farmer's Wife Catch-Up

Hello all! I'm not quite sure what week number I'm on for the farmers wife quilt-a-long, but I thought it was high time for a show and tell of my latest blocks. This is the first time I've put them together and I can really see how it's coming together, eeeeeeehhh I just love them!! I really like the idea of having them on a checkered background too (that's my tablecloth, by the way!). 
#51 Hovering Birds, #84 Spool
#69 Practical Orchard, #61 Northern Lights
#16 Calico Puzzle, #13 Buckwheat
I think these 6 might be my new favourites ... but don't I say that everytime? 
I will be back in the week, I've been working on my dutch pinwheel quilt today so I have updates to share with you! yay! I had planned to be posting last week but came down with the most awful bug all week blueghhh! still lingering, but my sewing machine was calling... I hope you are all well? Working on anything fun? Jessie, xo