28 May 2012

Vintage Cabinet

Hello friends! It's nice to be back, it's been a while... I've been busy, busy with lots of DIYing at the house - such as this lovely cabinet below :) I've always dreamed of having one and now I am the official owner of a 1960s kitchenette yayy! I spyed it at the auction last month with mum, and after a looong and expensive bidding battle we got it!! Though it's taken quite a while to get it looking in this shape, which involved lots and lots of sanding and painting. Not to mention new hinges and door rollers (thanks Robin!) and plenty of scrubbing and cleaning. My instagram pals may remember what it looked like originally
It was painted a drab beige'y colour when I got it, though after stripping it back we found it was a really bright yellow so I got a good match for the original colour to bring it back to it's former glory :) it also matches the inside paper lining so well! It features a pull down drawer with red formica top designed for pastry making, and tilting glass panel to display where the food should be stored. It's now proudly displayed in my kitchen where my other green cabinet used to stand. This one is now been moved into the dining room, where I like it even more, the open shelving suits the room much better and it fits perfectly next to the double doors, ahhh don't you just love it when a plan comes together ;)
I'll hopefully be back in the week with some crafty updates! I've been neglecting my sewing machine of late. Jessie, xo

7 May 2012

Farmers Wife: 07/04

I have four new farmers wife quilt blocks to show you this week! I've been a little behind recently, but got cracking away on them over the weekend. I really enjoy making these, choosing fabrics is of course my favourite part :) though this can end up taking more time than actually making the blocks!? I'm using mainly 1930s reproduction prints, as I want to achieve a nostalgic look. Below is #30 End of Day, #111 Wrench and #37 Flower Pot#75 Rosebud.
I have 9 in total now, although I have made 3 more but they have been rejected! I may think differently once I start laying them all out together, but it's not a total loss I will have to turn them into mug rugs or something? :) Jessie, xo

2 May 2012

Drawstring Tote

I got some time over the weekend to make this cute little drawstring bag. Using the famous pattern by Jeni; you can find the tutorial to make one yourself over here. I made it to help motivate me to complete my cross-stitch project as it's the perfect size to house my floss :) I've been hoarding the lovely floral fabric for donkeys years, it's an old japanese print I bought from Cotton Blue etsy shop (sorry I don't know who it's by? but I just love it!) The lining is part of the Red Letter Day collection by Lizzy House. It came together nicely, and it's a great project for an afternoon. Though I did get Robin to help me sort the handles out, I couldn't quite get that part!? He does have his uses hehe!
Still not finished my cross-stitch wall hanging! The yellow tray part of the design took me ages!! so I kind of got a little bored of it for a while but since that's done finally, I've got back into it more :) looking forward to getting it up on the wall! What have you all been working on?? xo