30 January 2012

Quilted Pot Holders

I'm loving finding all sorts of kitchen related sewing projects at the moment. So these quilted pot holders were the perfect starting point. I discovered the tutorial via Pinterest, of course! I've found it's a great way to help me organise my 'sewing to do list' by creating a pinboard dedicated to tutorials. Perfect.
I love them hanging on my vintage peg rack I thrifted back in the summer. My kitchen is all coming together nicely now, yayy! (share some pics soon, promise!) 

I used a 1930's repro floral fabric and red gingham binding for a sweet, country kitchen feel.  Oh and do you like my vintage orange le creuset dish?? I inherited it (and some others) from my nana this Christmas - she has a collection of over 50 peices!! serious collector. I think I know where my Pyrex addiction come from now :)
So what have you been sewing lately, can you recommend any good kitchen sewing tutorials online?

26 January 2012

Sweet Treats Embroidery Project

I treated myself to some new embroidery skeins a couple of days ago and got started on the apple pie wall hanging project from the Sweet Treats cross-stitch book. It was the one that really jumped out at me from the book so I had to give it a go straight away :) I haven't done any cross-stitch in years, but it soon came back to me after the first few stitches. 
It's so nice and relaxing, and perfect to do while watching the TV - as I lose interest veeeery easily! I just completely switch off and daydream about my next project! Am I the only weirdo that does this??

24 January 2012

Thank You!

Hello, hello friends! I had to share with you all this completely amazing gift I received from one of my dearest readers Melissa of 100 Billion Stars. She is just lovely, and gives such nice words of encouragement for my sewing projects. I still can't believe that she was kind enough to send the most gorgeous fabric and cute buttons to me! all the way across the pond :) I am so privilaged to have my blog readers and followers and I cannot thank you enough Melissa.

Just look at all that fabric goodness! Tanya Whelan, Dena Designs, and not forgetting PamKittyMorning too :D  yayy! I am one happy sewer to say the least. 
Jessie, xo

23 January 2012

Last Week

Hi guys, apologies for my absence last week. I had an eventful one to say the least! I was contacted by a friend of mine who is working with the production team of a new film coming out called 'Summer in February', starring Dominic Cooper and Dan Stevens. She asked me if I would like to be a stand-in for the leading lady !!!! I was very sceptical as I had no idea what this meant? Later I found out that all I would have to do as a stand-in is copy what movement/positions the actress does in her rehearsal, so the camermen and lighting team can set up the shot while she's having her hair and make-up done. Easy, peasy.
So a few days later I went and met a couple of the people on set and ended up starting THAT day! After being bundled away in a trailor for a couple of hours, I was then thrust down to hair and make-up?? and only had to go and do a REAL SCENE on FILM (camera's rolling etc etc!) alongside Dominic Cooper as a sillouette double for the actress eeeeekkk!!!! whilst 'improvising' a row, WHAT!!! obviously wasn't expecting this and was dying of embarresment as I'm super, super shy... but I'm so glad I did it, what a fantastic experience. I had so much fun all week, despite being outside all day and night in the freezing weather - luckily I was only there for the week as I've got a horrid cold now :( I've already been axed, it's a cut-throat industry haha! My skin colouring just "wasn't working!" :D (she was very pale!)
How about your week, anything exciting? I'll be back soon, lots to share with you.
Jessie, xo

13 January 2012

Thrifty Tablecloths

Before we all head out for the weekend I just had to show you these cute vintage tablecloths I thrifted today. Aren't they so bright and cheery! They just jumped out at me amongst the piles of drab 80's bedlinen, so I couldn't say no. I think the yellow may be my fav? which is yours? It's making me eager to get my dining room finished now, I just have to wait for the boyf to fix the leaky roof (gggrrhh!) then I can work my magic with the paintbrush and get the job done at long last! I'm soo impatient, haha!
oh and I have just now signed up to Pinterest at long last!!! I have been trying to sign up for way over a year now, and it never accepted me! so yesterday I got Robin to sign up with his email instead and it worked straight away, duhhh! should have tried that ages ago... anyways you can find me @messyjesse1. A couple of questions about it first, how do I find people I know? and, I saw lots of pictures from my blog and etsy shop before I signed up now I can't seem to find them, any help would be much appreciated! 
Have a lovely weekend, Jessie xo

10 January 2012

Organiser Wallet

Hey friends, I whipped up this cute little wallet organiser a few weeks ago and had to share it with you because it's great! I'm constantly needing to jot things down on the go so this is perfect for me and my handbag :) I used the tutorial from the brilliant Vanessa of LBG studio, the step by step was super easy and very straight forward. Though I had to change mine slightly from the instructions as I didn't have any elastic so I added a self-made button and ribbon. Next time I make one (as I'm sure I will do as they would make lovely gifts) I'm going to use elastic - definately more practical. 

Looove this floral fabric by the Windham Storybook collection. I have ideas now to make a bigger version for a recipe book cover. Exciting!

6 January 2012

Sweet Treats

Hi! Just wanted to drop in and show you this new book i got recently, sweet treats in cross stitch. I haven't done any cross-stitch since I was a kid but I definately want to give it another go after reading this. Not only did it fill me with inspiration to get my embroidery needle out it also gave me a sweet tooth!
It features over 53 projects to complete, with lots of parisian patisserie designs to stitch and very clear charts at the back of the book. I'm particularly taken by the apple pie wall hanging, I'm envisioning it in my kitchen :)
Right, off to start practicing - or maybe have some apple pie first? p.s. i got my copy here, it's on sale! xo