18 April 2012

The Dutch Pinwheel Conundrum

Hello! Firstly, thank you all for your lovely lovely comments on my GS quilt, you are all too kind :) the weather here has been awful the last few days so it certainly brightened up my day reading all the messages! I had quite a creative weekend and got a whole day to play in the sewing room :D one of my projects I worked on was this Dutch Pinwheel block. I had intended it to be a pillow cover to coordinate with my other patchwork pillow, but unfortunately I can't count miss-calculated so it came out too small, dohh! So I'm now in a quandry ... what do you suppose I could do with it? Any suggestions would be great!
Although as I'm writing this post and looking at the pictures again, I'm thinking a quilt, eek!?  another one!? See ya' Friday guys! xo


  1. it is so pretty!! what about a border to make it the right size? a quilt would be lovely too!!

    your banner is so pretty!! i was just thinking last week of making one with some crochet trim!! now it is moving to the top of my list!! :)

  2. I was thinking a border would look really cute, too, to bring it to the right size. Maybe out of little squares of the same coordinating fabrics.. or a quilt.. yummy. :o)

  3. It is stunning!! One can't have enough quilts!! At least, that is what I think!! Sweet banner!! ;) xo Heather

  4. How about a thin white border to make the block float and then a small piece-worked border - checkers? Or strips? Or even just a solid border in your favorite print in the block ... whatever you do, it will be beautiful. Remember, there are no mistakes, only opportunities for embellishing. ;)

  5. Oh how cute! :o) Have you considered a little border?
    love ya, Trish xoxo

  6. How small is too small? As the other comments a border will bring it up to size =D

  7. This is how it starts. One idea after another, one mistake-turned-new-project and you're well on your way to surrounding yourself and everyone you love with quilty goodness.

  8. I would make a border and then another band of squares. Perhaps some flying geese. Perhaps some post and rail. Then another border. Do not make the borders of equal size.

  9. That is so cute! Very happy and Spring-y. I love the idea of adding another border to it.

  10. Mint, pink and roses - that is so pretty.

    A lap quilt maybe or big floor cushion?

    Nina x

  11. Hi sweet Jessie! Your Dutch pinwheel block is beautiful! I think it would make a wonderful quilt! The colors are so pretty! I love your sweet bunting too! xo~Paula

  12. hi jesse! the pinwheel is so pretty! are you worried about the edges being too small for seam allowance? if you wanted to do a pillow, then maybe putting another white border around it to disguise the lack of seam allowance...??? just a thought...don't know if that's the right thing. it sure is pretty! :)

    what's that pretty floral that you also made the binding with?

  13. Hi! I like a lot these fabrics, their colours are great :) I'm agree with other comments, just try with a border in white or flowers... I'm sure whatever you'll make it will be wonderful!

  14. Lovely pinwheel Jesse. I agree with others about putting a border round it to make it larger. It looks so nice against the floral background in the photo up there that I'm sure it'd work.

    Love that fab bunting too, is it your own work too?

    S x

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