8 September 2011

Floral Tapestry

I've been working on this floral tapestry for a little while now. It's the second one I've done, do you remember my first one? My mum managed to pick up a second hand standing frame at the car boot so I have been using that to complete it - it's soo much easier than a hand-held frame, much quicker! 

The pattern is a CK design from her book 'Stitch'. I had my eye on making it as soon as I saw it, and I think I will now have the perfect spot for it as a cushion cover for the armchair in our new house :) 
pssst... I also noticed on Amazon that she has a new book 'Patch', coming out this November, just in time for my birthday :) I'm sure we can expect more inspiring and cheerful projects to come!

2 September 2011

Instagram Addict

Hands up who has an iphone, and hands up who has the Instagram app? Me!! It's so much fun and annoyingly addictive. Its a great app where you can edit your iphone pics to give them an old school feel without all the hassle of using a vintage camera. It's perfect for snapping a few pics on the go, such as charity shop loot below.
You can also follow other people and 'like' their photo's. A nice little community :) feel free to follow me on Instagram @messyjessecrafts. Give me a shout out if you're on there too, I'm looking for some new people to follow.