21 January 2011

The Needlecraft Book

Labelled 'The Needlecraft Book', it most certainly lives up to it's title, covering everything and more under the huge subject of all things needlecraft. Including key chapters on knitting, crochet, embroidery, needlepoint, patchwork, applique and quilting! There are very clear photo's and detailed instructions for all topics, as well as galleries of ideas to get those creative juices flowing - once you have mastered the basic's of course! Though if your anything like me you'll want to jump straight into the most difficult project first?! It's perfect for all abillities and a great reference for when you need it. I especially loved the super clear instructions for simple things such as holding a crochet hook correctly and slipknot's; ideal for a beginner like me :)
So you can imagine how happy I was when I got it for £10 in the WHSmiths sale! ;) though don't worry you can also buy it here on Amazon.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, one of my duties will be posting these little Messy Jesse shop packages. I also have a couple of custom orders I need to be getting on with and a family trip out. Are you doing anything fun?

17 January 2011

Happy Mail!

It seems to have been raining non-stop in the U.K. recently, so receiving my super bright and cheery 'happy mail' after a long day at work was the perfect pick-me-up! I'm absolutely head over heels in love with my new pyrex :) I already have two other dishes in the goosebery design  but these were just too bright and colourful to pass up! (I think the official disease I have now can be described as 'pyrexia'! hehe) I also managd to snap up this amazing vintage sheet on Etsy, whoohooo! and how perfect do they all go together, it was definately a sign that I needed them all ;p
Have a great Monday everyone, I've got the day off today so I'm hoping to get some crafty sewing done :)

7 January 2011

New Vintage Sheets!

I got my hands on some lovely new vintage sheet goodness recently, there are some great sellers on Etsy that sell all sorts of lovely prints. I just couldn't resist this fat quarter bundle from whimsiedots. Don't they look so pretty all stacked together :)
I'm planning on learning to quilt later this year (when I have some time!?) so I thought these would be perfect for a first project and the fabric's on the left were found at a local fabric shop while I was at home in Cornwall, hope you like! 

Have a lovely weekend all, I'm hoping to spend some time working on new products for Messy Jesse, can't wait :)