30 December 2010

Inside Crochet Magazine Feature!

I'm so excited to be featured in this month's Inside Crochet magazine! They have very kindly featured one of my crochet hook organisers in the 'things we love' section. It's such a fantastic magazine for crocheters and I noticed they are doing a great job in supporting us Etsy sellers, as I spyed lot's of other Etsy products throughout the magazine. I really can't believe how lucky I am sometimes, it just amazes me that people are so kind about my Messy Jesse products.

It reads: "A little house for your hooks. We're head over heels for this crochet-hook holder - it's perfect for keeping your tools safe and sound when not in use. It features a handy notions pocket for scissors or stitch markers, and will fit easily into your project bag. It costs £12 and is available in a wide variety of colours and fabrics." and It's available to buy online now!

p.s. a very happy new year to all my AMAZING blog friends! I truely thank you for being so kind and encouraging throughout the year, and I hope to see all in 2011!! Also, a welcoming hello to my new followers recently! I've finally reached 200 blogger followers wwwahayyy

28 December 2010


I've been catching up with Martha now I have some time at home relaxing ...

I think I'll also have another stab at some crocheting, I'm very much a beginner (even though I'm an Etsy seller of crochet hook and knitting needle organisers - I know!!) and still haven't mastered the technique at all after many failed attempts! If you have any helpful tips for a leftie please let me know! :) p.s. these are all available to buy in my etsy shop now.

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to pop in quickly to wish you all a very merry Christmas! We'll speak again soon once we have all recovered from our big Christmas lunches! :)

22 December 2010


I have been quite lax this year on the making front for Christmas, usually I make my family Christmas cards and a couple of tree ornaments at the very least! Though due to my very unexpected busy spell over in my shop I just haven't had the time. I wasn't prepared enough unfortunately so I have been making stock each night trying to keep up with demand. Next year I'm promising myself to get ahead of the game and start preparing earlier! But I'm so pleased my little corner of Etsy is finally having it's spotlight and people are now noticing it :) I also have BIG plans for the coming year, I'm planning new packaging and NEW product lines yay! stay tuned I will be revealing all to my blog friends first :) 
So below are just some of links I've been holding on to for a while, I thought I would share them with you all ...

1. I found a great little tutorial for some very practical tissue-holders over at the sewmamasew blog; perfect for last minute gift ideas!
2. This intricately quilted stocking from cluckclucksew is amazing too. 
3. And twin fibres Christmas ornament quilt is perfect for hanging above a fireplace I think. It makes me want to try out the blanket stitch on my machine!
4. I also stumbled upon a few lovely quilting blogs that I will definately be following, raggedyowl is full of colourful sewing inspiration.
5. Retro mama is also another amazing one, she makes the cutest patterns! her photo's are flawless too.

Remember my table runner tutorial? well here's mine finished and on the kitchen table :) I wanted to add a pink polka dot bias binding around the edge but annoyingly I was a little short, so I'm going to have to do without for now.

That's it for now, I hope you are all having a lovely 'Christmassy' time at the moment. I will be attempting to drive down to Cornwall tomorrow morning to be with my family, hopefully no more snow tonight!? Are you going anywhere nice?

15 December 2010

Bake It Pretty

I've been so inspired by a lovely biscuit cookbook I recently acquired. Not being a lover of cake (I know, it's weird!!) the Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits is perfect for me and it's crammed full of icing ideas for any budding biscuiteer, including some lovely Christmas stockings and baubles which are almost too pretty to eat! They would make fantastic tree decorations too if you made them from salt dough, perfect for fulfilling those crafty impulses we all get around this time of the year! 
Whilst on my baking quest I came across some gorgeous Martha Stewart packaging ideas for wrapping your pretties and these super stylish IKEA tins for storing (though I have tried to get these twice in store now and they are never! available, so maybe check their stock levels before you head down!?).
From top left: Tripp Tins | Holiday Food PackagingDoily TinDrommar Baking Tins |

I hope I have inspired you to whip up some of your own biscuits! Have fun :)

13 December 2010

Quilted Christmas Table Runner Tutorial!

Hi friends! I thought you might like to see my quilted christmas table runner I made over the weekend. Since all my Christmas decorations are at home with my parents this year I needed to spruce up our little flat with some bright and festive fun, so this is what I came up with. I took some pictures along the way so you can hopefully follow and make one yourself?
Firstly, you need to cut this shape out of paper to use as a template. Mine measured 5" along the bottom, 15" on the long and 2.5" across the top. You then need to cut 4 shapes out of each of your 5 fabric designs.

Pin one end of your first shape to the opposite end of your next shape (so they are top and tail). Stitch, then continue this with an additional shape, and so on until you have all your strips joined together.

Press open all your seams.
Cut out a peice of backing fabric to match the same size as your top layer. Lay this flat on top and pin.
Stitch together, leaving a gap of about 8" to turn inside out. 

Cut a layer of thin wadding to fill the runner, then make a small slipstitch to close up the open edge.
I hope that was easy to follow, please let me know if you have any questions about it I'm more than happy to help. P.S. I reached my 100th Etsy sale over the weekend!!!!! so in honour of this acheivement I will be having a little blog giveaway to one lucky reader, please be sure to pop back soon to win! :)