27 September 2010

Custom Knitting Needle Organisers

I've had a few custom orders recently; weird how they all come at once? just thought i'd share a few pics with you :)

This customer wanted a organiser to hold all of her circular knitting needles, so i made the pockets larger and fitted in two rows for double the pockets.
This organiser features two rows of pockets for interchangable needles and fabric ties in coordinating fabric to the blue floral fabric, so i was really pleased to stumble across this rose-coloured cotton in my stash!

I got to use three different fabrics for this straight knitting needle organiser; i think the colours go quite well together ...
I was a bit nervous taking these custom orders as they were my first and it was a little pressure to make sure my customers like them, but they seem really pleased now so i'm glad i did them :) hopefully lots more to come!

speak soon, xo

21 September 2010

New Sewing Machine - MemoryCraft 6500!

I finally upgraded my sewing machine!

Look, look how pretty it is!!! I just love it! and i certainly needed the upgrade; my £40 budget machine just couldn't hack it any more. It served me well but it was time for a change...

It even has a button to lift the needle automatically and cut the thread, which sold it to me instantly! it's saved me soooo much time ... and thread!

oh, and did i mention the amazing stitches it does!? look how many it does :) and alphabets too!

Can't wait to play with it at the weekend! and i've got a new project in the works at the moment with it so i'll keep you posted with some pics :)