23 August 2010

Handmade Quilted Coasters

I've been making quilted fabric coasters with my new Nicey Jane fabric :)
ahhh... such lovely, pretty squares all ready to be sewn together with insul bright padding
nearly done, just have the top-stitching to do. i going to make a seat pad for the chair in my craft room next ;) these colour's just look great together! 

you were right guys, the fabrics are better in real life than on screen! 

16 August 2010

Sewing Machine Thread Holder - Money Saver!

I got this cone thread holder the other week; and I love it! I bought these huge cones of thread thinking they would fit my new overlocker... duhh! they dont, it's teeny tiny! but i found this money saving tool to adapt the large machine thread cones to my regular sewing machine - perfect! no waste at all, and it has saved me so much, i was going through the regular machine thread spools at lightening speed. If only i knew about this sooner.

So a money saving sewing tip for you all, does anyone else use any good tips for keeping our expensive hobby costs down?

and this is my new budget overlocker, i got it on ebay for £40, bargin! i only wanted a cheapy just to try it out and have a go... (as i've never used an overlocker before - hope it's not too difficult!)

have a great evening, speak soon.

11 August 2010

Heather Bailey: Nicey Jane Collection

I couldn't help myself, i just had to, i'd been putting it off for a week or so now... 

but i finally bought the heather bailey nicey jane fabric collection! i'm actually in love with it. The colours are amazing and go perfectly together. I couldn't help 'stumbling' across a flickr pool dedicated to it, which eventually let me to ordering nearly all of the collection... yikes!

but i'm so excited to receive it in the post any day now! yippeee! :)

9 August 2010

Paper Bunting

I was completely inspired by Holly Hanks 'dear lizzy' paper bunting i had to re-create my own version for my craft room. It was so fun to play with paper again! I've been glued to my sewing machine for months... I used all kinds of AC product; mainly the dear lizzy line because i love it! :) so cute.
Love my Martha Stewart paper punches!

I'll share more pic's when I put it up :)