19 July 2010

Shop Update: Bags and Mini Purses!

Hello friends! How is your week so far?

I'm pleased to announce i have finally updated my ETSY shop with a few new handmade goodies :) i have been working night and day to get stocked up so i'll will be updating all this week so please hop on over and take a peek...

 new purses coming this week!

Speak soon.

9 July 2010

Inspire: Pretty

Hi there! How has your week been? I've been spending the last few days in Cornwall, visiting my family. Though, I'll be dragging myself back in the car tomorrow to leave for London! 

Here are a few crafty images that are too pretty not to share with you all...

 source unknown
what a cute applique design!
 the perfect finishing touch to Tamar's beautiful jewellery
source unknown
love these fabric's and colour's together
scrapbooking storage ideas by valerie allen
i've just got one of these fuji instax camera's that prints cute pictures like these. now all i need is this album. Will share my own polaroids soon, once i master the technique a little more!

Have a great weekend! 

5 July 2010

Make it Monday: Magnetic Bag Fasteners 'How To'

Hi! I've been making a few bags recently and found these magnetic bag fasteners really useful for keeping everything secure, they also add a lovely professional finish to your handmade bag. Here's how to attach them to your own bags :)
Firstly, you will need these; two magnetic fasteners and two metal backing discs to hold them to the fabric.
Find out where you want your fasteners to go, then mark two lines for the spikes to press through.
To make my fasteners really secure and keep my bags long-lasting, I cut two small squares of wadding (batting) and attached it to some iron-on interfacing. This acts as an extra layer between the fastener and the fabric.
Now poke one of the magnetic parts through the holes you made, then push the extra square of fabric (above) through these spikes to the underneath side of the fabric (that you won't see). 
Add one of the metal disc's through the holes, then push the spikes outwards until they lie flat against the fabric.
Now repeat this for the other side; making sure these match up perfectly!
That's all there is to it, I hope this helps. Please let me know if this doesn't make sense! Have a great day :)