30 June 2010

Etsy Shop Update: Crochet Needle Organisers

Hi, just a little mesage to let you know I have updated my ETSY shop last week with some new crochet needle organisers; in a new bigger design - and the classie styles with some of my latest fabric :)

Other new products coming soon! Will keep you posted :)

22 June 2010

Handmade Patchwork Cushions

So i have been a busy little crafter lately, making all sorts of things! :) including these cute cushions for my new house!
 I quilted panels of fabric and added ruffled, raw edgings for a pretty finish.
this cushion was just a case of making a series of rectangles, longer and longer!

I would love to make some more, do you know of any good online tutorials/patterns for other patchwork cushions?

I have also been filling up my Etsy shop with my crochet needle organisers, and i have some new products in the works at the moment too - i will share with you what they are as soon as they're done!

See you soon friends! and thank you for the lovely comments some of you left yesterday, it's really given me a boost to keep blogging!

21 June 2010

New Craft Room!


How are you? I've been gone for so long! and missed you all so much! I have been very busy though, I have officially moved to London! Just adjusting to my new life and routine, so I haven't paid much attention to the bloggind world... but I'm back; and hopefully on a more regular basis :)

First thing's first, I have to share with you my new craft room!!! We moved to a two-bed flat especially for this! hehe! All you crafters and sewer's out there understand that you definately need a whole room dedicated for it once you hoard years of supplies of things; "you just may need some day!"

 love my new HUGE desk, loads of room for cutting on this one!

 Do you like my Etsy bag? :)

The ladder shelves are from Ikea, I now have two to store all my fabrics...
 I hope you like it! :) it's not finished yet, so I will share more pictures with you as I get it more furnished.

Thanks for returning loyal readers! I look forward to catching up with your blogs again soon too...

Speak soon X