24 December 2009

Christmas is Coming!

It's Christmas eve!!! Yay only one sleep to go before the big day :) I have been watching Christmassy films all day and feel quite festive now..

Source: Cath Kidston
Some lovely CK christmas decoration ideas for your table tomorrow, if you haven't planned already and here's my dream Christmas wishlist! ha, i should be so lucky!
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, i hope you all have a lovely day filled with lots of fun and food! :) I will be sharing it with my family in Cornwall. 
See you soon! x

22 December 2009

Etsy Top Picks Tuesday: 22nd December

Etsy Top picks Tuesday is back after so long! Maybe it will give you some ideas for last minute Christmas gifts? i know i will be buying some of those cute red and white cupcake liners.

I hope you liked my finds this week, I'll be back tomorrow so I'll see you then! :) 

18 December 2009

Flickr Favourites!

Some of my recent Flickr favourites! :) 

1. sewing table - handmade accessories, 2. Sewing for Beginners - Dresses and Tunics, 3. Untitled, 4. Golden Leaf Hair pins, 5. Christmas cookies, 6. Advent house no5, 7. Pretty heart cookie decoration, 8. Christmas tree topper, 9. scissors paper cake @ magnolia square sydney

I also wanted to share these lovely mail striped christmasy gift tags i discovered over at eatdrinkchic. They're so cute! and you can download them for FREE over on their blog. I just love the vintage airmail style stationary that's popular now (as mentioned here in a previous post)

15 December 2009

Cotton Time & New Purses!

woohooo so happy to receive my latest issue of cotton time, i had a good read through, and then another .. and the another! and found so many wonderful projects i would like to make. 
i think i need to brush up on my Japanese first!!
i made these purses the other day, i think i may give them to friends for christmas presents :) perfect size for coins and credit cards.
i think the pom pom trim gives it something extra
i love this new fabric of mine, so bright! the colours are so vivid in real life, not sure how it looks on the computer screen.

11 December 2009

Pretty Etsy Packages

I've a had a couple of Etsy sales recently :) slowly getting there lol! and my favourite part has to be packaging them, i love making them really pretty to make my customer feel special :) and since it's Christmas, they're having a lovely festive feel with my handmade holly decoration and kraft tag for a traditional Christmassy look. 

and here's some new fabric i bought today, hmmm... so many things i could do with it! :)
Don't forget i still have my free shipping offer going on in my Etsy shop, and i've been uploading lots of new products if you fancy taking a look!

Do you have an Etsy shop? how have your sales been this December?

8 December 2009

Finished Gingerbread Men

Do you like my finished gingerbread men and women? :)
can't wait to see them on the tree!
and these are some display tags i made for a farmers market i do sometimes, showing descriptions and prices; thought i'd make it as bright as possible! :)

3 December 2009

Getting ready for Christmas..

I've been busy busy today creating cute little gingerbread men.. and women ready for the tree this year. I do love handmade Christmas decorations, don't you? 
Apart from these i haven't done much organising for Christmas, i really need to crack on with the present shopping? and my Christmas cards! think i may have left it a bit late this year!
This is also what i've been busy with these past few days, they're crochet hook organisers (or makeup brushes?) They would make perfect Christmas present! i've taken lots of photo's today while the sun popped out, and i'm just in the middle of editing them so they will be up in the Etsy shop very soon :)