30 September 2009

Crafty Projects and Crafty Fashion!

My craft books turned out to be GREAT! i love them all, i don't think i could pick a favourite.. I'm making a lovely hexagon pincushion as my very first project! though i could only get half done, as i don't have any stuffing :( i hate when you run out of things halfway through a project, im sooo impatient! 

will share the finished project soon enough! :)

and this is a little purse i made to keep all my embroidery threads in one place, the clear plastic bag just wasn't cutting it anymore! it's a new moda fabric i purchased recently.. very nice for sewing related projects like this.

Also i discovered this amazing t-shirt in this months Sew magazine (the one i'm featured in!)

i have to have it! it's my birthday coming up soon so i may ask my boyfriend to get it for me, it's just so ME - i would wear it with pride! It's by lazyoaf, and they have loads of other really cool t-shirts and jumpers on their site too! :) 

29 September 2009

Messy Jesse Featured in Sew Magazine!

Hello fellow blog friends! Today i have some exciting news to share with you, I can finally reveal the feature in Sew magazine i mentioned a while back! They very kindly sent me a copy that i received this morning and i was absolutely blown away, i'm SO happy, i literally danced around the room when i saw it :) .. very weird seeing my face in print!?? They did a lovely little Q&A with me about my blog, sewing creations, what keeps me inspired etc and it's all turned out very well. It hits news stands on the 2nd of October, so be sure to pick up a copy.. But here is a sneak peek incase you don't see it!

They also had a lovely feature on Jenny Hart, of Sublime Stitching. She's such an inspiration; opening up a world of embroidery to a new generation of crafters like me :) 
It's great to find out more about her, i think i may have to invest in some of her transfer embroidery books now! 

25 September 2009

Tea Towels Galore!

Hello, hello! it's Friday already, hasn't this week gone fast! are you doing anything nice over the weekend? i'm hopefully going out for a meal with some friends tomorrow, if i can shake of this cold i have just woke up with this morning.. Anywho after browsing homeshoppingspy i came across this lovely print.. well what i thought was a print, it's not, it's actually a tea towel! doesn't it look great, who'd have thought a tea towel could be such a lovely piece of art :) 

i also thought the message quite appropriate while i have the 'lurgie' at the moment!
Here are some other gems i found whilst i was in tea towel search mode..
1. Rainbow Penguin, limited of 1 print!, 2. New Arrivals - Tea Towel
1. P6060079, 2. Starling- Tea Towel

Have a lovely weekend! :) 

24 September 2009

DaWanda Featured Seller: Carolmaro

Today I'm sharing another DaWanda seller i discovered on my searching quest last week. Carolmaro sells the most beautiful Japanese decole, stationary, fabric, bags and purses! so many cute things i don't know where to start, i'm a huge fan of Japanese craft and design so of course i already have my wishlist, here are few sneak peaks ..
i love this picture so much! all the things that i like; buttons, doilies and pretty Japanese fabric

(images: Carolmaro)
I've been finding so many great sellers on DaWanda, i can't get enough of it! :) I'm finding it more interesting than Etsy these days, i get so overwhelmed with the size of Etsy i don't know where to begin! 

23 September 2009

Craft Book Love!

After a recommendation from Happy Zombie blog, i decided to purchase 'quilting in no time' and 'sewing in no time', they looked so bright and colourful i couldn't resist them.. 

and then i couldn't stop there, oh no i had to buy another two...
i also pre-ordered the new CK book 'sew', can't wait for that! :) previously blogged about here

Also have you seen the new Tanya Whelen's new fabric collection Dolce..
ooh i just love them all! don't you? can't wait to get my hands on some soon :) 

p.s. If you haven't had a nose at Decor8 today, go and take a look at Holly's pictures of the fabric market she visited in Hannover, Germany .. it's a lovely bit of eye candy if your a fabric addict like me ;) 

22 September 2009

Etsy Top Picks Tuesday: 22/09/09

Hello! Here is this weeks Etsy Top Picks :) Hope you like my finds.. 
From top left, 1. small notebook B5 by Bubbo, 2. california road trip badge set by Minorthread, 3. Vogue knitting magazine by Vintagevice, 4. wing dress by Verypurpleperson

Isn't the wing dress lovely! i need it in my life, just a shame the summer has just ended now, so i probably won't have a chance to wear it until next year! i came across it whilst browsing her blog it's a great read and lots of inspirational projects too! :) 

21 September 2009

Make it Monday: Quilted Tea Cosy

Hello and welcome to another make it Monday! Here is my quilted tea cosy i made last week :) i used some lovely Michael Miller polka dot fabric, with light blue cotton lining. After some failed attempts and snapped sewing machine needles it finally came together! I also used wadding or batting, not sure which it is? to make it nice and padded, it was also the first time i've done quilting and i'm really pleased with the effect. 
So i gave it to my nana as a present to use with her pretty teapots and she loved it :)
After feeling the quilt bug, i purchased a pattern to make some quilted bags and accessories, here is what i'm making at the moment for a friends birthday this weekend ...
i've never followed a sewing pattern before, so it's all learning! hopefully it will turn out ok? :)
And lastly, don't laugh...  here is one of my many attempts at crocheting i have been doing over the weekend? i don't know how to make it straight, it keeps getting shorter on every row? hmmm... i'll figure it out soon enough!

18 September 2009

Flickr Inspiration:

Hello friends, here's a quick post today with some more inspiration courtesy of Flickr aren't they a lovely end to the working week :) I hope you have a lovely weekend wherever you are.. I'm going to enjoy this miracle of an Indian summer we're having in Cornwall, and hopefully have a stab at this crocheting malarkey! wish me luck :)

17 September 2009

Crafty Purchases!

Hello! I'm posting some pictures today of some recent crafty purchases! :) My mum bought me a beautiful vintage sewing box from a local car-boot yesterday..
guess how much!? 
only £4.00! how amazing! :) :) 
and here's some more pretty Cath Kidston fabric's i bought because i can't resist them!
and here are some super cute fabric cake slices i got from ebay, they are handmade from this seller - she also makes little cupcakes too. 
and lastly here is my new knitting roll (of course another CK purchase!), i thought i would get back in to my knitting again, i've only dabbled with it in the past.. because I'm pretty useless! but I'm going to try and stick with it this time.. Also you may notice my magazine in the background, that's Cotton Time if your not familiar with it. It's the best craft magazine around, though it is all in Japanese! but the pictures are amazing! 
Here are a couple to tempt you...

I have just taken out my life savings by subscribing to an annual subscription aahh ! 
hehe .. it's not quite that much really ... ? but it's worth it, I've been wanting it for ages and just decided to finally take the plunge.

I hope you liked my craft purchases, aren't they the best things to buy ... such a buzz! :) 

16 September 2009

DaWanda Featured Seller: Prinzessin

Hello! firstly thank you to all your lovely comments you've been leaving, I have such pleasure reading them all and clicking on your links to find out more about you - if i don't know you already! :)

I recently joined DaWanda, the German or French? handmade online site, like Etsy, Folksy and the rest of them, and i'm so glad i did there is so many amazing things to be found! Like Prinzessin, who makes the most wonderful crocheted accessories :) since i'm loving crochet right now i thought it fitting to share with you some of her pretty pictures ...
aren't they adorable :) very reasonable prices too! though the item descriptions etc are all in German! 

15 September 2009

Make it Monday: Sewing Machine Cover (late!)

Hello friends! I am sharing with you my sewing machine cover i made this weekend, sorry my make it 'Monday' has been delayed until today, i hadn't quite finished it yesterday! :) I used some new CK fabric's I bought recently, and i couldn't wait to use them.. so this is what i came up with, hope you like it :)
keeps my little sewing machine all nice and tidy and dust-free!
I also made this, i was thinking i might sew it onto my machine cover; like this.... 
but I'm not so sure, (i only used a little tape here, so i can take it off again?)... what do you think? 

Vote for my project!