31 August 2009

i ♥ Pip Studio

I just wanted to share something i have just discovered via decor8 last week! because it's amazing! it's Pip Studio, a Dutch company that create a range of beautiful homewares; from bedspreads to china its all very colourful, pretty and most of all girly, my favourite :) so i thought i would show some pictures, I'm sure you will fall in love with them as much as i have, if you haven't heard of them already that is . . I'm probably a bit behind!

found via: design wonderland
the website is amazing alone, if i ever have a website this would be my inspiration - i'd love to make my blog in this sort of style, though i'm not enough of a computer whizz to figure it out!?

found via: shop times
found via: minas paradis
i need some of this china in my life! 
found via: aanbod pagina

Make it Monday: Messy Jesse Pouch

Hello, i thought i would share with you what i have been busy making this week ready for a local farmers market :) i think i may also expand my Messy Jesse shops to making these as well as my greetings cards, what do you think?

i thought they would be useful as make-up pouches, pencil cases or even pretty organisers for craft supplies.

they are all fully lined with pretty co-ordinating fabric and interfaced for added strength and stiffness.
they all roughly measure 3.5" x 7"inches
which is your favourite? :)

27 August 2009

New American Crafts supplies!

Hello :) I wanted to share with you my new selection of American Crafts goodies I purchased from Sarah's Cards recently! I was so excited when it came in the post, don't you just love parcel's arriving in the post! I am a self-confessed internet shopping addict! 

The Blue Skies collection is amazing and i've been dying to get my hands on it since it was shown at CHA this year, looking forward to my next day off from work to whizz out a few christmas cards (can never be too prepared!) or scrapbook pages :) 

AC also have a great blog, if you haven't checked it out already. . 

ooh i just love those colours! and the birds and the pears are so cute :) 

the merrymint christmas collection

So what do you love receiving in the post? apart from bills!! hehe :) 

26 August 2009

Flickr Fav's

Just worked out how to do a Flickr mosaic! i feel so clever :) so i thought I'd share some of my recent Flickr favourite's . .  enjoy! 

1. Hasenbande, 2. Cabbage Roses and Cath, 3. Sewing Spot, 4. The Take-along Project, 5. Needlebook and Pincushion, 6. Cupcake pincushion sewing pattern, 7. What I'm Up To, 8. Untitled, 9. Crochet Coasters

p.s. feel free to link your Flickr photostream in the comment section below, i love browsing everyone's photo's and adding new contacts :) 

24 August 2009

Lovely Inspiration: Summer Party!

I just wanted to share some lovely pictures with you, aren't they pretty? I love the mismatched cake stands and yummy cakes! Wouldn't it be great to go to a party like this :) 

found via: spearmint baby

Make it Monday: Zip Purse

Hello! Here are some snaps of some zipped purses I made a while back. The zips are a little dodgy, but I've got a bit better since these! I followed the tutorial from here, why don't you have a go - they're so useful and I'm sure family and friends would love one :) 

21 August 2009

Here it is! It's a Tote Bag!!!

Hello! I'm sharing with you the pictures of what I was making the other day that I kept secret until now! it was a tote bag... did you get it!? It took me all day lol but I think I'm getting a bit quicker with my sewing these days. 
I used some Cath Kidston fabric for the outside and a Japanese linen/cotton mix for the inside (that I got from here).

I did some applique to make it more interesting :) using some felt scraps from my supplies and embroidery floss with a simple straight stitch edging. Hope you like it! I had so much fun making it, would you like me to do a tutorial on how I made it!? Just drop me a comment if you do :)

20 August 2009

More Fabric!

Some more new fabric! and a pretty pair of fabric scissors :)

19 August 2009

hmmm.. what have I been making!?

I've had a whole day of crafting fun! Don't you just love those days.. uninterrupted crafting bliss :) Here's a sneak peek of what I've been making, find out what it is on Friday! 

18 August 2009

some pretty fabric

Some lovely fabric i bought recently from fabric inspirations, to build up my collection.. 
I can't get enough of stripes at the moment, especially in these vibrant nautical colours.
I also have some Japanese fabric's I'm waiting on in the mail, I'll post some pictures when they're here! :) 

Etsy: Top Picks Tuesday

Here are some lovely things that is on my top Etsy wish list! I just LOVE that patchwork fabric, so versatile for so many sewing projects. The stamp is amazing too, would look great on some pretty wedding invitations I think, and who else doesn't want a pink classic typewriter!? And I can't tell you how much I want the lovely vintage clamshell bag...
from top left: 1. Vintage woven clamshell handbag by AdVintagous, 2. Kokka trefle - cheater print 1/2 yard fabric by afabricoutlet, 3. Decorative lace stamp by Karaku, 4. Rare 1950's pink Royal typewriter by Poetic Home.

17 August 2009

Make it Monday: Patchwork Button Pouch

Hello readers! :) Today I'm sharing a fun little patchwork button pouch I made over the weekend, using my lovely Japanese linen and cotton fabrics.
I sewed the button hole by hand as I have no idea how to make one on the sewing machine! I guess it adds to the 'handmade' feel :)
Perfect for pretty sewing supplies..
I followed the tutorial by Mairuru, and it was pretty simple to do. It's here if you would like to make one too!

11 August 2009

NEW Cath Kidston Book: Sew!

As you readers may know now, I am a huge Cath Kidston fan! and I have just found out via 'i heart crafts' blog, that she has a new book coming out on the 16th October! It's called Sew and is very similar looking to the last one 'Make'. 
Judging by these amazing pictures I think it's going to be even better than the last book! 

You can pre-order this book here on Amazon :) 

Trereife Food & Craft Fair

Some pictures I took while I was at Trereife food and craft fair..

and a pretty little crochet doily I bought at 'Goodwill Bunting' stall. They had lots of lovely vintage tablecloths that were really cheap! but had marks and stains on so I didn't buy them, though now I'm absolutely kicking myself and wish I had! Don't you hate when that happens..

10 August 2009

Needle Case Tutorial

Welcome to messy jesse's first make it Monday! As promised, today I will be showing you how you can make your very own needle case :) like the one I made last week. I am no sewing teacher - by any means! but hopefully you will understand this, if I can do it you can..

Firstly, you will need some patterned fabric, felt, and a button.

1. Cut your template out of some scrap cardboard, a cereal box would be fine. My template is 22cm (width) by 11cm (length). 

2. Pin cardboard template to the fabric you are going to use for the cover of the needle case, and cut out two of these (for the outside and inside). 

3. Now if you would like an appliqué design on the front of the needle case - do this now. I used a cupcake for mine, by cutting out a simple design and a little machine sewing in matching thread. 

3. Put your two fabric pieces facing together, pin and sew three of the sides together (remember to leave one side un-stitched to turn inside out!) 

4. Now facing the right way, with the appliqué design on the outside, pin and sew the edge that you left undone and sew all the way around the case. 

5. Iron into a book shape. Cut two pieces of felt slightly smaller than the needle case template. Pin to the inside of the needle case, and sew in place. 

Now to get that nice binding edge, just close the book and sew just a couple of millimetres in from the edge of the needle case, and voilla! your done! :) Any questions or queries, just let me know. I'd be happy to help.